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The Brazilian Emerald Company, EBE [acronym from Portuguese], was formed to promote the mining of emeralds in the region of Campos Verdes, in the section of Netinho. With the mining permit and the due environmental licenses, the prospection in the section called Netinho is in full operation, producing emeralds for jewelry, ornaments, and decorative pieces of high value. Internationally recognized for their quality, these emeralds have a crystal of high quality and hardness, with first-rate color and transparency, which can also be used as assets and guarantees in financial transactions

Esmeralda Esmeralda

The Brazilian Emerald Company is responsible for mining, with equipment and separation techniques that aim to improve the quantity and productivity of the gems extracted, as well as to protect the environment and the communities in the region, with sustainable development as the pillar of its activities.

Currently, the group has three independent and autonomous mining registers, as well as their respective surface rights, totaling an area of approximately 100 hectares for prospecting.

As an example, see attached a gemological analysis considering the contents found in the region. The rates may vary up or down according to each lot produced.

Administrative Structure

Walmir Cunha

Walmir Cunha

Owner and Chairman

Lawyer, specialized in Business, Mining and Agribusiness Law, he is currently the director of ACIEG – the Commercial and Industrial Association of the State of Goiás. He is also a businessman in the segment of recovery and renegotiation of assets and international transactions.

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Patrícia Mamede

Patrícia Mamede

Internacional Relations Director

Having worked as an interpreter for over than 10 years, she has vast experience in international events and dealing with authorities, with emphasis on welcoming and accompanying foreign delegations.
Currently, she is responsible for the dialogue between large business segments in Brazil with foreign investors, involving mining, agribusiness, and several industry segments.

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